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Helena Fultz is a contemporary and modern dancer who began her dancing career when she was only two years old. After beginning her dancing career with ballet and tap, Fultz eventually transitioned into a career as a jazz and modern contemporary dancer. Fultz performed at a large number of Dancecapades recitals, as well as the Cal Poly Pomona dance concert. Fultz has also been a choreographer for the Cal Poly Pomona Theatre and the new dance department. She now has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology degree with a minor in dance. Not only does she want to continue her path toward becoming a physical therapy doctor, but she also wants to become a physical therapist for dancers. She wants to build her own clinic, which will also have a dancing studio inside its walls.


Selcted Collaborations

Helena's collaborations and performances have included dance companies, choreographers, and special events. Her work has been appreciated by audiences, and she continues to collaborate with diverse artists to create captivating dance experiences.

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